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How to make your content SEO-friendly

Content marketing and SEO are closely related. If you develop these areas deliberately and collaboratively, you will achieve high search engine rankings, more traffic, and more sales. Sounds great, right?

When we talk about SEO, the first thing we look for is keywords. But there are other factors that can help boost a site's search engine ranking. We have compiled some SEO tips for content marketing.

Increase CTR

CTR is a metric that shows the click-ability of your links. It is calculated using the formula: the number of clicks/number of impressions*100. So, for example, if 200 people saw your publication and 33 people clicked on the link, the CTR is 16.5%.

Increasing the coefficient has a positive effect on ranking in search results. The simplest way to increase CTR is to have exciting headlines.

Use catchy words that demonstrate expertise, inspire confidence, or arouse curiosity. A short description of the article is essential. Create one that encourages readers to click on the link and learn more about the topic.

Choose the right keywords

When working with SEO, you cannot ignore keywords. Competition in keywords is high right now, so it is important to find the right ones.

By selecting them wisely, you will get more organic growth. If you cannot decide on the keywords yourself, use services. For example, Google's Keyword Planner is an excellent, free tool. Remember that you can choose a whole phrase as a keyword – there will be less competition.

Add engaging visuals

Working with videos or infographics on your blog can be useful for several reasons. First, people like visual content that is easy to use and share. It will also make the text easier to read, increase engagement and extend the time your audience spends on your site.

Using infographics will help you get more traffic, and your visitors will be able to share your content on social media and increase your reach. This will further improve your ranking – Google recommends pages that are actively republished.

Use a 404-error page

Sometimes we see a 404 error when trying to open a page. More often than not, it happens due to the deletion of content.

By making your 404-page helpful and engaging, you will keep visitors on your website. In news sites or blogs, link to the most popular articles on the error page or menu. A good solution is to add a joke or play with the error situation. It will be memorable for the user and make you stand out from other websites.

A bug item is rarely included in SEO tips, so stand out among your competitors and show your readers that you care.

Watch your site's loading speed

Since 2015, searches on mobile devices have surpassed searches on computers. So, it makes sense that Google updated its algorithm a few years ago to improve the performance of all mobile sites.

If you use a search engine from your mobile phone, the first results will almost always come from mobile sites. This is important for Google – its algorithm is designed to give users a better experience.

But sometimes optimizing your site for mobile is not enough. You must also pay attention to its loading speed.

Invest in content

Content affects search engine rankings. Detailed articles with research and useful links rank higher than short or uninformative publications. By creating SEO-friendly content, you will not only give your visitors value, but you will also increase your site's ranking.

Research shows that the first three links from the Google results page have, on average, lengthy content of about 2,500 words.

Quality content is how you attract your audience and demonstrate your expertise. Creating real, valuable content is crucial among the factors that influence the SEO optimization of a website.

We hope we have given you useful tips on how to make your content SEO-friendly! If you have any questions, reach out to our team. We'd love to help you create content that drives success.

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